How to Survive a Cross Examination as An Expert Witness

As an expert witness, it is very imperative that you understand the objectives of the cross examiner so you can be prepared when taking the stand. It doesn’t have to be hard for you to identify the principles that will allow you to understand and apply your testimony properly and survive the cross-examination. Here are some tips that will get you ready as an investment expert witness.

Understand your role as the expert in that case

You will find that a jury will have very high faith in the expert witness testimony. As a matter of fact, the judges are also usually receptive to these testimonies in critical cases where they need expert clarification and the scope of the experience in that pacific field. However, you need to know your place because they are not looking for another advocate.

You need to make concessions when it is necessary for you to look impartial you than resist every enquiry. People will appreciate you being an educator or a teacher and easily make them understand the aspect of the case they don’t. If you act as an impartial educator that carries themselves professionally, you will be invaluable to that case.

Be prepared

Preparation is imperative when it comes to surviving a cross-examination. Most of the time you will find that the cross examiner will ask you questions they know the answers to. Try to anticipate questions and think them through as you go along the way so you can withstand it.

Never underestimate a cross examiner

Keep in mind that you are dealing with skills trial attorneys and they will review your return work and previous testimonies so they can be prepared to ask your questions. They will use electronic databases and public records so they can make it easy to see whether you are as qualified as you say you are. They will have vast knowledge as well, and it will be their goal to win the case so don’t underestimate the things they might ask.

Do not take anything personally

The opposing attorney is likely to suggest incompetent or sloth and they’ll do the source the agenda of angering you and destroying your professional aura. These are usually strategies to win the cases so you’ll need to remain professional and courteous, but very firm nonetheless. You also need to be clear about your hourly rate or how much your services will cost without being embarrassed or defensive about it. This is more so if you are successfully imparted to the jury.

It is Not Your Job to Try and Win the Case

Some cross-examinations will require you as an expert to answer “yes” or “no” to all questions without giving any explanations. Even though in some instances you might want to explain, the attorney might not give you that chance. If this is what is required of you, then try not to impose on explaining things because it is not your job to win the case. However, your attorney might cross-examine you and give you the opportunity to explain your answers.