Hire a corresponding lawyer through the law firm

There are two ways to contact a legal correspondent – find someone by the law firm website, or call the subsection of the county where you need a correspondent and ask for an appointment. Both forms can be quite effective, economical and interesting, but for different reasons.

On the other hand, when you search through the law firm website, it is possible to find lawyer according to their specialties – Civil, Labor, Tax, etc. – which helps a lot who needs a specialized service, such as a labor court hearing.

Ask for advice from fellow lawyers

This is another way to find matching lawyers because many colleagues have been working for a considerable time with this type of hiring. Offices advocacy with years of market experience and usually keep their own list of matching contacts of the main cities of operation.

The indications of these lawyers are usually good, since they are professionals who have already done some diligence and had their services well evaluated. For this reason, service and reputation can be supported. Thus, it is much easier to check the references of these correspondents.

The only problem is that your professional colleagues and friends do not always have some lawyer to indicate in the area of ​​law or in the county in which you need legal services. For example, there may be indications of lawyers in the district where your civil process is, but these professionals only work in the labor area. That’s why it’s so hard to rely only on peer referrals to ensure good correspondent names for your demands.

Remember, not everyone’s problems are same. And, each one them need different attention.

Do your search on specialized websites

To find matching attorney over the internet, there are websites that specialize in mediating the relationship between the law firm that wants to hire the service and the professional interested in providing it.

You can take help of online platforms, which have a vast database. In them, corresponding lawyers register, they include their specialties, academic formation, and region where they carry out their services and the one that most optimizes the search – what diligences are willing to do and their area of ​​action, among other information essential when hiring a correspondent.


Consultation by lawyers is free, which also helps to reduce office expenses because not even a long-distance call is necessary. In addition, it is a much faster and more efficient way to find correspondents, since you save your  precious time of work  and there is no need for the office to register, as it is enough to access the site and select the city and type of diligence to find the corresponding one.