Never Settle Without a Personal Injury Lawyer

Never Settle Without a Personal Injury Lawyer

In the cut-throat world of law, no one wants to be on the wrong side of a case, especially if the injured has hired a personal injury lawyer. According to injury stats, at least one person suffers an accidental injury every second. Obviously, not all unintentional injuries are personal injuries capable of being addressed by a personal injury lawyer, but with motor vehicle injuries alone accounting for more than $416 billion in medical costs a year, there’s no harm in taking a free consultation because you could lose a fortune by settling on your own.

They are paying my bills, isn’t that enough?

At the forefront of your mind soon after an injury is money. Like those big green dollar sign glasses, all you can see are medical bills, repair bills, and lost work hours and you haven’t even left the scene of the accident yet. If things are complicated now, imagine how complicated things will be if you’ve suffered an injury and need extensive medical care or if your vehicle damage is beyond repair? 

If you don’t choose to hire a personal injury lawyer at some point, an offer you can’t refuse from the lawyer or insurance company representing the one responsible is all you’ll see. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line and your bills will disappear. You can get back to life as it was before the accident. This is where the red light should start flashing.

Remember, if an insurance company or lawyer presents an offer before healing from the accident is complete, they know the offer is far less than you’d get with a personal injury lawyer. You’ll receive a low-ball offer when you’re at the peak of anxiety over bills and missed work and pain making it all the more alluring to sign and settle.

Accidents can happen anywhere

When the topic of personal injury lawyers comes up, the first thing that comes to mind, in many cases, is a motor vehicle accident. That doesn’t mean, though, you should leave out the occasional slip and fall injury. Slip and fall injuries are often more difficult because you have no idea what information you need to prove who’s liable. Unlike a motor vehicle accident, the police department may not be there to take statements from witnesses. Maybe you fell in a store or on the steps of a government building. How comfortable do you feel taking on a big company or the US government to recover medical expenses and loss of pay, let alone money for pain and suffering? Remember the hot coffee case in 1982? A 79-year-old woman spilled hot coffee from a McDonald’s in the United States on her lap and, thanks to her personal injury lawyer, she was awarded almost $3 million. Interestingly enough, she initially asked for $20,000, and McDonald’s only offered $800—big mistake for the golden arches.

Common misconceptions about personal injuries

If you’re still not convinced your case requires a personal injury lawyer, take a gander at five common misconceptions and you’ll likely find you’ve thought of at least one.

1.    Medical treatment begins after a case settles.

2.    Personal injury cases are always drawn out.

3.    Personal injury cases guarantee compensation.

4.    You don’t need a lawyer.

5.    You can’t afford a lawyer.

If any of these five common misconceptions about personal injury cases have ever crossed your mind, you’ve been duped. Not one of these statements speaks the truth and, unfortunately, once you sign on the bottom line without a personal injury lawyer, there’s no going back if you later realize it was a mistake.

Filing a Personal Injury Case in British Columbia

Filing a Personal Injury Case in British Columbia

No matter how they’re caused, personal injuries are traumatic events that often go beyond the physical; emotional and psychological trauma often follow the injury. While nothing can take this pain away, you may be entitled to compensation after a personal injury, especially if it was due to another party’s negligence.

Whether you were injured in a car accident, a fall, by faulty equipment, or any number of other possibilities, each situation must be handled differently. There are a few things you’ll need to know and do before moving forward with a claim.

British Columbia limitation dates

It is extremely important that you understand how long you have to make and settle your claim. The basic limitation period is two years after you have the right to file a claim. There are special limitations, however.

For example, in a case of negligence by a municipality, you have just two months to give proper notice of your claim. Cases of municipality negligence can involve accidents caused by city-owned vehicles, injuries on city owned properties, or injuries sustained due to a city police force. All limitations dates should be followed strictly, as failure to meet them often results in a total loss of claim.

Preparing for a claim

There are many steps you can take to prepare for a personal injury claim regardless of whether you’re involving an attorney. The first step is to seek immediate medical attention. There are several reasons for this, but you need to prove that injuries sustained were due to the accident.

The longer you wait on medical attention, the easier it will be for the defendant to claim the injuries could be from another source. Additionally, having medical records from the start makes filing your claim smoother, and keeping regular documentation of your medical expenses is important to your claim.

Another important step to take is collecting notes and any relevant photographic evidence. This includes photographs of any visible injuries after the accident. It’s also important to get visual evidence from the accident scene at the time, if at all possible. If not, it is still advisable to return to the scene and document the location and any signs or potential safety hazards that could add context to the accident.

Filing your claim

While it is possible to file a claim on your own, it’s recommended that you hire an injury lawyer for your case. This is especially true in personal injury cases where most attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning you won’t pay anything unless they win the case. The previous evidence you’ve collected can greatly help your attorney move your case along quickly. However, your involvement shouldn’t end there.

Continued communication with your attorney is important. You should be updating them with any changes in your medical condition, as well as telling them about anyone who tries to contact you about the accident. Questions from insurance companies or anyone else involved should be redirected to your attorney.

It’s also advisable to refrain from social media while the case is ongoing, but if you need to use it for work or other necessities, avoid posting anything you wouldn’t be comfortable showing in court. The defendant will do anything within their power to discredit you and the extent of your injuries.

While there’s no such thing as a guaranteed win, collecting evidence in the beginning and making an effort to cooperate with your chosen attorney provides the best chance to get the full compensation you deserve after a personal injury.


Red Flags in Your Attorney Search

Regardless of what kind of case you’re perusing, you obviously want the best attorney you can get for the job. This generally means searching for someone who specializes in your type of case and who has many years of experience doing so. This can be a tall order at times, but you can find some ways to whittle down your choices. Whether you’re looking for lawyers in Halifax, or anywhere else, here are some common red flags you can watch out for. If an attorney you visit shows one of these signs, then it’s probably time to start looking elsewhere.


When you stop in to visit a potential attorney, pay particular attention to the work area, as this can be a great initial tell for their overall quality. Everything from the exterior of the building, the conference room, and the attorney’s office can be clues about their work practices and clientele. Generally poor conditions or any states of disrepair likely point to the service having financial issues. A larger firm having multiple empty offices suggests a high rate of turnover, which is never without cause. Looking over the attorney’s office for cleanliness and organization is probably the biggest sign as to whether they could be a good option. If piles of mail are left unopened or if the office is generally disorganized, this is a huge sign to look elsewhere. There’s always a chance that there’s a method to this attorney’s madness, but do you really want to risk the chance?


How the staff act is a great sign as to how effective any place of business is. A poor workplace environment is one of the biggest factors to drive down productivity, after all. A lack of staff is a particularly bad sign that an attorney is either facing financial difficulties, or they may simply be difficult to work with. The way the staff acts toward potential clients is a good indicator about the location as well. Disgruntled staff or a staff without energy are both signs that they may not be getting the best treatment. If an attorney doesn’t seem to be treating staff members well, do you really want to entrust your case to that person?

Documentation and billing

These are tough things to judge before you actually start working with an attorney, but if you find either element lacking, it’s probably best to sever the relationship and start looking elsewhere. Effective communication is extremely important in any attorney/client relationship. This includes phone calls and all other methods of communication. There are a few things you can do if you feel an attorney isn’t answering your calls promptly, but a failure to deliver clear documentation is a problem that can’t be ignored. You shouldn’t have to ask multiple times to look over a document that you feel is important.

It’s also important to evaluate an attorney’s billing practices. Vague billing is one of the worst possible offenses. Your billing statement should explain exactly what tasks are being performed as well as when and by whom. There also shouldn’t be any hidden (undisclosed) fees or additional charges for everyday office activities like copy making. Fees like these, as well as overbilling, are unethical practices and arguably the biggest sign you need to switch attorneys.

If a potential attorney doesn’t show any of these red flags, then there’s a solid possibility you’ve found the right person for the job. Go beyond the level of experience, and see whether the firm can provide you with positive references. You might also check around the local area for any information you can find about the practice and success rate. If they come through all your scrutiny unscathed, and you feel comfortable about the hire, it’s a safe bet that you’ve found good representation.

Car accident lawyer

Compensation for a New Jersey Car Accident

In New Jersey, a person may recover compensation (money) for any injuries and/or damage from an automobile, truck, pedestrian or motorcycle accident. Recovering compensation from the damages and/or injuries from an auto accident isn’t automatic. The state places limitations and requirements on filing an insurance claim or lawsuit to receive compensation. That doesn’t mean a person can’t receive compensation. It just a sound idea to hire an accident attorney northfield nj

What is Considered “Damages” in a Car Accident? 

The word “damages” are a legal term for the losses a person incurred because of a car accident. These losses are monetary. This means a person incurred loss such as medical bills and lost wages. The damages can also be non-economic. Non-economic damages. Non-economic damages aren’t bills that a person can submit to court. Instead, they are things that can’t be calculated like pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life because of the injuries suffered. 

What is Considered “Injuries” in a Car Accident? 

The word “injuries” refer to various physical harm suffered because of the car accident. The physical injuries range from broken bones, massive “soft tissue” injury, spinal injury or a brain injury. A physical injury doesn’t have to be a major injury. It can be a minor injury such as a sprain neck or whiplash. 

What Types of Compensation in a Car Accident 

Whether a person involved in a car accident has physical injuries or just damages, they can receive compensation. The type of compensation includes, but is not limited to the following: 

1. Damage to personal property 
2. Loss of past and future net income 
3. Mental suffering and pain 
4. Permanent impairment. This impairment impedes on a person completing everyday tasks. 
5. Loss of the ability to participate in pre-car accident activities. These activities include cooking, play with grandkids or kids, playing sports or cleaning. 
6. Loss of enjoyment 
7. Scars and/or permanent disfigurement 

The Limits on Damages in a New Jersey Car Accident

The state places deadlines and limitations on filing a lawsuit. The amount of time a person has to file for a lawsuit depends on the type of accident. For example, the deadline for filing a car accident claim is two years. This means the deadline for filing a lawsuit starts the day the car accident happened. For example, an accident happened on January 1, 2018. This means the person involved in the accident has until January 1, 2020 to file their car accident lawsuit. 

New Jersey also caps the amount of certain compensation. Punitive damages are awarded to a plaintiff because of the defendant’s actions. This means the defendant acted so badly and so outrageous, that they must be punished. The punishment means that the judge or jury awards a plaintiff more money to teach the defendant a lesson. New Jersey places a cap on punitive damages. The damages are limited to five times the amount of compensatory damages. It can be capped at $350,000 too. It depends on which one is greater.

Major Ways to Boost Customer Loyalty in Injury law Firm

The Finest Options for the Family Law Understanding

They have a problem in family law, perhaps with child support, spouse maintenance, in dealing or custody. Maybe you’re thinking about getting a divorce. Anyway, you need a lawyer specializing in family law. However, you want to find the right lawyer for your specific problem. You wonder how and what to look for.

Then there are other things that you actually have to worry about. Their job, the children, a move, there are many reasons to delay the search for a lawyer for family law. You also have doubts as to whether a lawyer will benefit you at all, because you do not want a fight there. There are around 4,700 lawyers in OKC. The number fluctuates. Defining good family law attorneys from the rest and then finding the right attorney for you is a demanding task. With the Okc family law attorneys the options are perfect.

Here are 11 tips:

  1. Your lawyer should be a Family Law Specialist:

Would you have a heart surgery performed by a general practitioner? Certainly not. For the same reason, you should not be represented in family law by a lawyer who handles several different areas of law. Legally, that would be possible. In fact, it does not make sense. The applicable law and the concrete problems to be solved are very complex in family law. Keeping up to date with laws and case law is a full time job. Therefore, the second instance, i.e. the appeal court in family matters, not the district court.

Complaints against decisions of the family courts are heard at the highest civil court, namely the Higher Regional Court. Family law quickly becomes complicated if, for example, a change model for child care is to be set up or assets are to be shared among spouses. The list of examples could be continued indefinitely. A specialist lawyer for family law has in many out of court and out of court cases. He knows the specific context and knows exactly what is important in the preparation of talks and negotiations. He also knows how other family law lawyers handle certain issues because he is more involved with them.

  1. Your lawyer should not promise anything wrong

No lawyer can guarantee you the result in your case. Caution is advised when a lawyer makes statements such as, “I assure you, your husband will pay as much as € spouse monthly.” Or “I promise you will take care of the children with the spouse in the future.” Or “We will become yours Husband for everything he has done to you, hold to account. After that he can sleep under the bridge. “No lawyer can guarantee you the final result in their matter in advance. There are basically only two ways to settle the consequences of a divorce.

Why Does the Golden State Have So Many Car Accidents

Why Does the Golden State Have So Many Car Accidents?

In 1968, California officially received its nickname as “The Golden State.” Fields of golden yellow poppies are one of the reasons why, the infamous gold rush is another. In the 1840s, a boom of people from around the world found their way to California, each hoping they would hit it big and begin new and richer lives. Twenty five percent of the California population was made up of hopefuls immigrating to the Pacific Coast, and by 1852, 25,000 of them were from China alone. Archaeologists found that, thanks to the growing population, people needed places to live and work. Therefore, abandoned ships were taken and used as lumber to create the beginnings of early San Francisco. California had become a beacon for those wanting to start exciting new adventures.

California is not only known for the riches the gold rush made, but also for its towering redwoods, surfing, and juicy oranges. It is also America’s most populated state. When the population starts to expand, the number of cars also increases. And unfortunately that also means more car related accidents. In 2018, the population of California was 39,776,830. Two years prior, 3,680 of those people were involved in fatal car accidents. Multiple causes were due to impaired driving because of alcohol or drugs, cell phone use such as texting and driving, and speeding.

Driving laws in the Golden State differ in some ways from others. For example, if you are involved in an accident and it is found that you are also, in part, at fault, your compensation can be lowered depending on the degree of your roll in the accident. Because of this, California is known as “pure comparative negligence state.” California also finds the numbers of deaths due to motor vehicle accidents rising since 2009. Reasons for such accidents are unclear, although according to the Office of Traffic Safety, the numbers rise when the state sees a recession in the economy.

There may be other more obvious reasons for auto accidents thanks to the inclement weather. The rainy season occurs from October to March in California. Driving on slippery roads is already hazardous and only increases in danger when people are negligent. The speeding law indicates that a person can not drive faster than 65 mph on the highway and 70 mph on the freeway during the rainy season. Fog also creates poor visibility, especially when people are driving not just fast, but stopping suddenly. On the other hand, being too cautious can also end up backfiring, as it leaves you vulnerable to other drivers who swerve to avoid you.

If you find yourself involved in an auto accident, there are steps you should take to ensure you get the best legal advice. For starters, a Bakersfield car accident lawyer should be alerted as soon as possible. Having legal aid on your side is a good precaution, as experts can guide you during these stressful times. Reviewing your case with a lawyer will help lay out what steps you need to follow. If possible, begin to gather as much data and evidence at the accident scene. Every piece of information will help you and your lawyer build a successful case. Involving the help of police, obtaining accident reports, and gathering photographic evidence as well as witness statements helps greatly. Weather conditions can alter an accident site, as ice and snow will inevitably melt away, so it could be crucial to take pictures right away. Getting medical attention will also add another significant piece to your case that can help solidify it. Doing so within the first 72 hours helps your lawyer prove that you were hurt by the accident, in case more injuries show up later.

No matter the state or location, making sure you are equipped with the right information to your case is vital. Have all your evidence and proper papers ready to go for your legal advisor so they can help assist you when face with a difficult situation such as car accident.

Colleagues working together in office

Repossession Lawyer at GM Law Firm

When you purchase a car on credit, your creditor retains specific rights and an interest in that car until it’s fully paid off. If you fail to make the agreed upon payments, the creditor can repossess the vehicle.

Has your car been repossessed? There are a number of things that could depress you such as having your car repossessed. At GM law firm, you’ll receive all the help you need. If you act hastily, it’s possible to get your car back. In the event that the repossession agents violate the peace while retaking your car, you can obtain compensation. You are urged to get in touch with a bankruptcy attorney for assistance.

What Should You Do When You Learn That the Lender Wants to Repossess?

In a car loan contract, there is usually a provision which allows the lender to repossess your vehicle in case you’re unable to make payment. Once you receive a notice for repossession, the best action to take is to contact your lenders and pay what you owe. However, if you are undergoing hardships, and you can’t make payments as initially agreed, it’s possible to get a modification of your original agreement. Your lawyers will negotiate with the lenders to reduce the payments to a sum you can afford.

Violation of Peace in Repossession is Prohibited

Should the repossession agents come to take your vehicle, they are forbidden from breaching the peace. That means, they may not take your car if you object. They are prohibited from using force and they certainly can’t haul it away if you’re inside.

How Can A Repossession Lawyer Help You After Repossession?

Once they repossess your vehicle, you only have a limited time to reclaim it. An attorney can help you take swift action. It’s often required you pay off the entire amount of the loan. However, a lawyer can negotiate for you to offset the default through a satisfactory payment, and a commitment to continue with the payments faithfully.

After repossession, there is a sale that usually takes place within 10 days or more. Your car is auctioned at the sale. The loan company is more likely to go ahead and file a lawsuit against you for the outstanding loan and repossession costs minus the amount recouped in the auction. A good attorney can defend you against such a lawsuit. The lawyer will also counterclaim for any damages, including violation of the peace, that may have happened during the repossession.

Can you divorce without a lawyer

Can you divorce without a lawyer?

A divorce is already a difficult test to overcome but this change of circumstances can also be very expensive. To reduce these costs, it is possible to use only one lawyer to defend the interests of both members of the couple. However, it is impossible to divorce without the services of a lawyer. But yes, you can file the divorce petition without the help of a lawyer. Now filing for divorce without a lawyer is as easy as following four simple steps. If you do not have the sufficient financial background to run a court case or filing a court petition, you can save fees in both sides by just following the simple steps.

The need for the lawyer: base of the question

In a divorce, the presence of the lawyer remains indispensable. In order to file the written divorce proceedings in the High Court before which the divorce will take place in front of a judge in family matters you may or may not need a lawyer. The lawyer guarantees the interests of the spouses. In case of divorce by mutual consent, it is quite possible to call on a single lawyer to represent each of the spouses. Conversely, in situations of litigious divorces it is imperative that each spouse be assisted by their own lawyer. A divorce is already a difficult test to overcome but this change of circumstances can also be very expensive.

The court hearing

On the day of the court hearing, get all the necessary documents in your file. Dress properly, courtrooms are professional and highly regulated places so do not make a bad impression on the judge because their decision can be crucial. Finally at this stage you must be sure of yourself because you will not be able to go back when decisions are made during the hearing. Since the divorce process is often long before it is over you must follow it and keep abreast of its progress. Nevertheless, in the case of a divorce the other spouse does not need their own lawyer. In the case of a divorce, the spouses often proceed in such a way that only one of the spouses accepts a lawyer and the other spouse without a lawyer agrees to the divorce petition. This is completely unproblematic and the cheapest way. This is cheaper than having your own lawyer for the entire divorce process.

Conclusion: self-petition is possible

This method is applicable if you are facing a financial situation. But this is not mandatory. If you want to file the court petition on our own and do not want the lawyer to write the divorce petition, you can draft it with the help of a simple 4 step techniques. Even you can be guided with the following procedure and the necessary documents too. This is the time when you choose to go solo. The experts can suggests you with the best suggestion regarding the court petition. Not always the lawyer is essential to take your side.

Major Ways to Boost Customer Loyalty in Injury law Firm

Major Ways to Boost Customer Loyalty in Injury law Firm

If you are heading to start with some new firm, then it is much important that you should be boosting with the loyalty of the customer for sure. It is to be mentioned that the insight will be giving out your firm with the success scale rate that would be around 50%. If the customer retention has been increasing by 5% then it would be adding almost 90% of the profit straight away in the firm. So let’s see how is it possible!

You should be gaining the loyalty of the customer all through by giving them the priority and the concentration which they wanted it at the best. You need to make yourself be standing in the front line where your customer should be your first importance and value. Plus you should be giving you way out to be reaching as above and beyond over each single of the condition. They should be impressed enough as you will be answering away the questions related with the product and also carrying out with the meet up of the customers and also solving the customer queries about the product.

If you will be developing a faithful connection with the clients thenn for sure you will be finding them to stay loyal with your brand as well.  You should be displaying out the personality right through the medium of the email all along with the social media, and so as the personal interactions with customers.  Try to stay back as honest with the customers all the time. By means of staying upright with the customers and so as the brand will be for sure leading you to the success standards. If you want your clients to have a trust in you, then you should be letting them know various reasons of having faith in you. You should not add any deceive nature towards your customer.

If you are all aimed in winning the hearts of the customers, then you should make them treat as being your insights. They should be the part of your company by all means. You should be making them attend with the sales and promotions of your law firm similar to the car accident attorney in Yakima. This is one of the most important factors that would assist you at the best in boosting the loyalty of the customers.


Eliminating Insurance Quarrels After A car accident

Auto lock-ups are prevalent everywhere in the states, which include California. Considering that auto injuries involve large damages for you to property along with injuries for you to victims, they can be followed by simply consequences.

One of several aftermaths to be in an auto collision is eliminating with insurance agencies. You will certainly inevitably live through your own insurer and the opposite party’s insurer as effectively.

Auto insurance agencies can be be extremely messy to handle. Their boasts adjusters, who will be skilled negotiators, could hassle anyone, intimidate anyone, and persuade that you settle to the lowest volume possible, and that is definitely unfounded. They in addition mean for you to discourage anyone in receiving professional solutions from vehicle crash attorneys just for them to make you believe their fine print without issues.

Filing the insurance assert and talking with assert adjusters might be such a new nuisance. To stop unpleasant quarrels with insurance agencies after a motor vehicle crash, here are several guidelines with regards to insurance boasts:

– Speak to your insurer immediately

– Assessment and recognize your insurance policies. Determine what on earth is covered by your insurance

– Know the complete extent of your respective injuries along with damages. Damages might include past along with future charges, such while, repair as well as replacement of an property, health care expenses, and many others.

– Preserve receipts along with bills for all those expenses in relation to the accident which might be demanded through the other insurer and coated from your own house

– Collect all the pertinent evidences as it can be. This will assist you to prove your current insurance assert. Having phrases from witnesses are going to be very valuable

– Become aware of the insurance plan information in the other people involved in the accident, including their labels and speak to numbers

– Preserve a prepared account coming from all negotiations you cash in on with your insurance authorities, agents, assert adjusters, and also other people included in the insurance plan claim. Using this method, you will certainly remember precisely what deals you cash in on and what we have discussed with these regarding your current claim

– Always be honest while using insurance investigators so your claim is just not denied pertaining to fraudulent motives

– Tend not to admit for you to any mistake. Just adhere to the simple fact without saying your thoughts and opinions

– Tend not to sign just about any legal paper that may be handed to you personally by the opposite insurance firm. Wait until eventually your law firm has analyzed the reports

– Do not let the occasion limitation throughout filing your current insurance boasts expire. All insurance agencies impose some time interval in declaring claims following accident

– Tend not to engage in any form involving discussion while using claim adjuster in the other’s insurer. If that they call anyone, use some time to listen closely. You need not agree as well as argue with these.

– Certainly not give the oral statement while using other person’s insurer

– Tend not to rely for the estimates involving losses the insurance agencies tell anyone. Do the estimate of your family, or get the assistance of your vehicle crash law firm in assessing this

– Tend not to accept just about any check as being a full along with final settlement. Make sure you are getting greatest compensation through the insurance firm. Verify the number of damages using your attorney

– Check should you have other coverage

Although certainly not particularly needed, having a legal professional whom you’ll be able to consult using regarding insurance plan claims may help you a good deal. There could possibly be some details inside insurance policy that you just overlooked or still did not understand. The other insurer may reap some benefits also that the you will not have an law firm.

Do certainly not concern on your own in handling the many tasks involving filing your current claims yourself. It are going to be easier giving you should you have someone who may help you.

It is usually a idea that auto collision attorneys could negotiate for maximum value somebody may find from insurance plan. Experienced legal representatives can are satisfied with many times the quantity of what claimants could negotiate pertaining to themselves.